Prof. Dr. András Pataricza

Prof. András Pataricza (President) led several EU and industry sponsored research and development projects in the fields of dependable computing, automated test generation, robust applications and data analysis. In one of the most recent projects he led the team designing a novel production optimization/order predictor solution for one of the largest assembly plants in Hungary (IBM Data Storage Systems). This project won a European Supply Chain Technology Award (5th Annual Supply Chain Distinction Awards event of the World Trade Group (WTG), Technology Award category). His scientific performance was acknowledged by the relevant communities by electing him to serve as the General Chair of the 43rd Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2013) – the most prestigious conference in the field of dependable computing. He serves regularly as a PC member of the IEEE European Test Symposium. He is a Steering Committee member and PC member of the IEEE Symposium series on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS).

Prof. h.c. Dr. Gábor Horváth

Gábor Horváth (Scientific VP) received Dipl. Eng. Degree (EE) from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1970 and the Candidate of Science (PhD) degree from the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences in Digital Signal Processing in 1988. Since 1970 he has been with the Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he has held various teaching positions. From 2008-2011 he served as the Head of the Department. He is a senior member of IEEE, has published more than 160 papers and is the author or co-author of eight books. He was involved in many industrial research and development projects. Recently in the development of a novel optimization/predictor solution for one of the biggest assembly plants (IBM DSS) in Hungary which won European Supply Chain Technology Award. His research activity is related to the theory and application of neural networks, machine learning, data analysis and medical image processing. He is a holder of the "State Award", the highest Hungarian award for scientific work.

László Gönczy

László Gönczy (CEO) completed his PhD studies at BUTE in 2006. He holds an MSc in Software Engineering and an MSc in Engineering Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. His professional interest includes model-driven development of SOA and dependability analysis based on high level system models. He led SOA-driven analysis of business processes in SENSORIA EU FP6 and is working in e-Freight FP7 which aims at the creation of a European level electronic transportation support system. In CoMiFin FP7 he participated in the design of a global monitoring architecture for critical financial infrastructures. Also he was a key person in setting up a distributed testbed for project evaluation. He led a business intelligence project for a Hungarian branch of a telco/media services company. He participated in a project on analysis of operational processes of a Hungarian branch of a major financial instutition. He was involved in the development of a novel optimization/predictor solution for one of the biggest assembly plants (IBM DSS) in Hungary which won European Supply Chain Technology Award. He has over 40 scientific publications and regularly serves as reviewer for international scientific conferences. He was visiting academic institutions at Leicester, Pisa, Rennes and Montpellier in international collaborations.

Imre Kocsis

Imre Kocsis (CTO) received his MSc degree with honours in Software Engineering in 2006 from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he is currently a research associate at the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group. His research interests include cloud computing, visual exploratory data analysis and systems management. As a participant of the "Deutschsprachige Ingenieurausbildung" collaboration program of BME and TU Karlsruhe, he studied in his 5. semester in Karlsruhe with a DAAD scholarship.

He performed research in the field of distributed, resilient systems in the DESEREC and RESIST EU FP6 projects. He has also been working in several industrial R&D projects; he is principal investigator in a cloud-based project and performed analysis on the IT infrastructure of a global financial service provider. In 2012, he won a Honorable Mention award in a competition of Revolution Analytics for solving real-life problems with advanced statistics.

At FTSRG, he is a co-lecturer of the courses Autonomic and Fault Tolerant Computing Systems (MSc), Intelligent Systems Management (BSc) and Big Data Analysis Techniques (elective).

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