Who we are

Quanopt Ltd., a Hungary-based innovative spin-off company, focuses on research oriented development services. Quanopt offers a range of data and business analysis services from system modeling to advanced forecasting and optimization. The company distinguishes itself in the market by applying an agile combination of exploratory data analysis and formal approaches.

Through its founders, the company has a very wide range of relations to the academic and innovative ICT SME scene in Europe. The core theoretical and R&D competencies of the Quanopt founders cover system design and testing, model-based systems engineering, data analysis and optimization. Quanopt researchers and engineers have practical experience in the application of model-based system design and analysis in multiple fields. (Some examples are: critical embedded system design, large scale IT infrastructure management, banking and logistics planning.) Recent projects put more and more emphasis on ‘Big Data’ and rare event analysis techniques in exploratory data analytics, following the changing needs of an increasing number of application domains.



Prof. Dr. András Pataricza
Prof. HC Dr. Gábor Horváth
László Gönczy
Imre Kocsis


Ágota Bausz
Melinda Kocsis-Magyar
Katalin Tasi
János Oláh

Full-Time Employees

Balázs Urbán
György Nádudvari
Noémi Szilvásy

Part-Time Employees

Dániel László Magyar
Dávid Cseh
Dávid Honfi
Dávid Zilahi
Flórián Deé
Gábor Attila Kiss
Gergő Kincses
Krisztián Mócsai
Tamás Nádudvari
Tamás Pollák

Former Interns

Attila Dinh
Ágnes Kata Hőnich
Ákos Szokodi
János Hartwig
Rebeka Farkas
Zsuzsa Kitti Kovács

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